A hater of players. To hate players. Someone who hates players.
Players hate those player haters that hate those players.
by miccadoin September 05, 2006
jokers who hate players cause they get all the ladies easily wit no effort
player:hey baby you and me is going on a date and thats the end of disscussion
girl:for sure
Hater:dam he gets all the ladies like no one can i hate him
player:player haters elevators
if you cross me...you will die
dont let player haters bring you down
by bustersarejokes January 07, 2009
a person who does not accept a fist bump when offered one
Nick: Dude, that guy just turned down my fist bump

Matt: That guy is such a playerhater
by that epic dude May 04, 2011
A jealous guy who would cokblock and be a bad sport trying to ruin the chances of others spitting game to a girl since they can't get no play. Also known as a cockblocker who would prevent you from getting anywhere with a female.
you are taling to a girl and the cockblocker player hater interupts the conversation and destroys you chances of getting laid.
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 27, 2006
An old-time golf fan who dislikes the legendary Gary Player, and most often prefers American heroes Jack Nickalus or Arnold Palmer.
Jedidiah: Dude, Jack Nickalus has won so many more major tournaments than Gary Player.

Jacob: Yo bro, don't be such a Player Hater!
by Chadly58 June 20, 2009
A busta

A bitch with a dick

A violator of the Sixth Bar of the Mack Game
Things a player hater would say:

"Man, you know that nigga Khayree fuckin Mac Mall on his money, man"

"You know that nigga Lay ain't gon' get paid"

"Heard Ray Luv in jail and shit"
by MaCk Ma$tER June 21, 2009
A player hater is the worst breed of hater there is. Instead of hating on people like Justin Bieber, player haters actually hate on players who are just doing their thang.

It's a widely accepted fact that being a player hater is actually worse than being Hitler, and player haters are thought to be the love children of Hitler and Saddam Hussein.
The media is am example of an institutional player hater. Examples of this include when the media tried to player hate on Tiger Woods for being a player.
Fox News
Yo mama
by truPlaya69 December 17, 2010
To dislike or "Hate" a player.

a.) Dude, you guys suck with all your girls.
b.) He's definitely a player hater.
by Noam Barnhard March 16, 2008
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