Pretty much a player. but a girl. it's a because it is feminie. it is a girl not exactley a slut but one who has many boyfriends and moves on very quickly.
"what i thought it was nick?"
"nope.. what a playa"
by CBIZZLE February 22, 2012
A)a member of an athletic sport and or team
B)a person who owns prostitutes and sells their sex for profit a.k.a. pimp
C)somebody with an inclined social life and enjoys "kikin' it wit' his/her homedizzles"
D)me, biatch!
A)Hey dawg. Ain't you a playa' on thu basketball team?
B)That playa' over there be pimpin' those ho's like a eukalele!
C)Sup playa'. We be tight yo!
D)I'm a playa' biatch
by Zak Dizzle October 17, 2003
1. part of a cactus (real word)
2. big daddy
3. someone goes with a bunch of bitches at same time.
4. sometimes it means an actual pimp
5. playboy
6. ladiesman
Big poppa puffy mase too short
by greezie g March 06, 2004
A guy who has one girlfriend and flirts with other girl(s) at the same time. Female version playerette, playette
Brandon is the biggest playa in the world. He plays all his girlfriends.
by baby-girl69 November 16, 2003
Playa- (play'a)- One that plays, especially:
One who participates in a game or sport.
A Ladies man
One who performs in theatrical roles.
One who plays a women like a musical instrument.
An active participant: a major player in female affairs.
The mechanism actuating a player on a woman.
A machine that reproduces recorded audio pick up lines.
the dude you wish you were and only a select few will ever be. that playa you wish you were
by Hdeman September 07, 2005
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