n Usually used to describe a juvenile male who carries a paging device, works in fast-food service, and has one or more illegitimate children.
Steve's a playa. He gets all the ho's. When he gets off work at McDonald's we are going to go get high and watch tv at his mom's apartment.
by Elliott August 05, 2003
Someone that manipulates another person for their own personal benefits.
Dayumm this gurl named Serril is a playa that she was able to cheat on two guys over the interwebs.
by Cat Daddyz November 27, 2011
Flrting 24/7 all day everyday with alotta people.
Rachel is a playa cuz she flirts with alotta people at the same damn time
by greatest ever September 22, 2013
Pimpin, Labeled, Attractively, Young, Admiral
Pimpin, Labeled, Attractively, Young, Admiral; PLAYA
by jOda Playa May 16, 2011
someone who is with more than one person at a time or who the intention of going out with someone while dating someone else, someone who has sex with many people
by CyberWarrior January 01, 2002
1.)A colloquialism used by semiurban wannabes (like Sean Combs) who wish to convey both respect and contempt at the same time for a fellow semiurban wannabe.
2.)Spanish word for beach
1.)Damn, playa, you best not be kissin' my dad!
2.)Vamanos a la playa.
by Lez-UR-Eck-Shun September 10, 2003
Pretty much a player. but a girl. it's a because it is feminie. it is a girl not exactley a slut but one who has many boyfriends and moves on very quickly.
"what i thought it was nick?"
"nope.. what a playa"
by CBIZZLE February 22, 2012

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