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(Verb) "To playhouse that shit" To hookup with someone in an unusual or awkward location (like a playhouse). Usually accompanied by lots of alcohol and embarrassment for the parties involved.
dude Ian and Jesse just playhouse 'd that shit
by hurricane steve September 05, 2010
(verb): to have sex before marriage
Most religions say that women should not play house.
by Flora February 25, 2004
Playing Left 4 Dead and teamkilling in a safehouse. You put the other players "to sleep" (as if they were your kids) by incapping them. (and killing them if they retaliate.)
If somebody says "Wanna play house?" on Left 4 Dead, run out of the safehouse like hell.
by defwriter711 March 27, 2010
To live together, have kids together but not be married or even love each other
My boyfriend and I have two kids and he's not in love with me or wants to marry me so we just play house
by Lonely gal June 19, 2009
Fur-lined porn dungeon
If you give a 10 year old cookies they will come to your playhouse
by snowmanfacker March 12, 2009
when men or women examine the other persons genitals.
I can't wait to play house with Lisa.
by JohnnyG March 05, 2005
Just another phrase for masturbation.
Well, I am going to play house, take a shower, and go to bed.
Don't come in my room I'm playing house.
by mrjsw January 27, 2008