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(verb): to have sex before marriage
Most religions say that women should not play house.
by Flora February 25, 2004
(Verb) "To playhouse that shit" To hookup with someone in an unusual or awkward location (like a playhouse). Usually accompanied by lots of alcohol and embarrassment for the parties involved.
dude Ian and Jesse just playhouse 'd that shit
by hurricane steve September 05, 2010
To live together, have kids together but not be married or even love each other
My boyfriend and I have two kids and he's not in love with me or wants to marry me so we just play house
by Lonely gal June 19, 2009
Playing Left 4 Dead and teamkilling in a safehouse. You put the other players "to sleep" (as if they were your kids) by incapping them. (and killing them if they retaliate.)
If somebody says "Wanna play house?" on Left 4 Dead, run out of the safehouse like hell.
by defwriter711 March 27, 2010
when men or women examine the other persons genitals.
I can't wait to play house with Lisa.
by JohnnyG March 05, 2005
Just another phrase for masturbation.
Well, I am going to play house, take a shower, and go to bed.
Don't come in my room I'm playing house.
by mrjsw January 27, 2008
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