interaction between two or more human beings with the desire to not act their own age
I'm sitting at home doing nothing. Care to play?
by King Lurk October 26, 2010
In BDSM, anything that takes place within a scene.
When she takes off her clothes and puts on the leather straps, it's a scene. Any flogging, spanking, caning, etc. constitutes play.
by piratestan January 26, 2010
Used in spanish (Colombia)as an adjective to describe something or someone that is pretty stylished, fashionable or elegant.
Ella siempre se ve super "play"/ She always looks so fashionable

Su pinta es super play / She has a stylished look
by PC97 April 02, 2008
A drug deal, almost specifically reserved for hardcore drugs.r
A: Yo, where have you been? It's like midnight and that bitch is still waiting in the kitchen

B: I had to make a couple plays. I'll hit her up tomorrow.
by binghamton's second finest June 12, 2011
n. A business venture; a favorite word of smug, plundering MBAs.
Do you want to get in as an angel on our new wireless nanotechnology play?

We'll make billions from the Marcellus play if we can just get around the treehuggers!
by aquifer May 22, 2010
The act of doing anything that you would consider pimp or player on a consistent basis with a group of your boys. When you pull off this act, you can look at each other and just say plays. The other guy will know exactly what you mean.
While chillin' at the bottle service table, I had these two girls join me. One sat on each leg of my lap and got both their numbers. I looked at my boy Evan and he just said, Plays!
by Uncle Deez December 17, 2008
transitive verb

1. to deject or verbally bash someone
2. to make fun of a person publicly or in front of a group of people
3. to trick or con
4. to cause people to think you're one thing but really another
5. to give the false impression that you're interested in something or someone
6. to insult another person's intelligence
1. She said my hairline is lopsided like a crooked smile. She was playing me.
2. The girl I just met played me with a fake phone number.
3. I know you're lying. Don't try to play me.
by Kindle Rashod May 26, 2014

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