The act of doing anything that you would consider pimp or player on a consistent basis with a group of your boys. When you pull off this act, you can look at each other and just say plays. The other guy will know exactly what you mean.
While chillin' at the bottle service table, I had these two girls join me. One sat on each leg of my lap and got both their numbers. I looked at my boy Evan and he just said, Plays!
by Uncle Deez December 17, 2008
Top Definition
Anything to do with sexual relations: fooling around, making out, oral sex or having intercourse.
As in, "Do you want to play?"
by rose July 21, 2004
To kid, or joke.
Hey, I'm just playing.
by Vicky June 07, 2004
sex , to have fun, to be used
yo i got me some play last nite
letz go play out side
yo shorty tried to play me
by tigga bkzmostwanted December 27, 2005
1) To cheat on, to get used.

-(NOUN) someone who cheats.

2) to get hella game from the opposite or same sex.
Example 1:

Tracy: Um, My friend told me you were at the mall with some other skeez.

Rob: WTF? You trying to say i as PLAYing on you??

Tracy: You fucking PLAYER!...I'm gonna bust a cap up in yo ass!.. bitch!

Example 2:

Tracy: Yo!.. you go out with the boys last night?

Rob: Fo sho's.. I had much PLAY up in the club...Cuz I was mad bling up in my new Threads.

Tracy: Shiiet!.. only PLAY you got was from yo mom!..NIGGA!
by Shady Ass Rob February 04, 2003
noun | some form of physical sexual action. generally found used in combo with the word 'get'.
"I ain't gettin no play these days! Ain't as smooth as I used to be, I guess."
by dopeLabber November 28, 2001
another name for a drama production
into the woods is an awsome play
by corie June 20, 2004
to get together, hang out
We should play later on
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
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