A term coined by the rapper Lil Wayne to signify being half-hearted and not going "hard to the fullest". Made popular in his song 'Playin’ With Fire'.
Don't play pussy with me you little ****.
#lil #wayne #lil wayne #play #pussy
by JahSka July 24, 2008
Top Definition
Half hearted, not hard, fake gangsta, not real
NOT COINED BY LIL WAYNE. Play pussy was used as early as 1992 (16 years before the carter III!!!!) by Scarface on "Two to the Head (feat. Scarface, bushwick bill, and ice cube" by Kool G Rap and Dj Polo. one of the hardest gangsta rap songs ever.

PS, listen to real hip hop
So feel me, drill me, put a bullet in my head
But yo, you can't kill me cuz I'm already dead
Scarface going psycho yeah
Play pussy get fucked and take two to your head
#play pussy #lil wayne #scarface #kool g rap #ice cube #dj polo #bushwick bill
by yay_serotonin January 08, 2012
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