Too divert attention away from something
When i fell down da otha day i had 2 play it off
by Shay September 12, 2003
Top Definition
To play it off is when you do something embarassing in front of other people and act like you meant to do it.
1)We leaned out of the car to wave at Sam; however, Sam was not in the car, so we played it off by sticking our hands on top of the car.

2)At an orchestra concert, I put my violin up too early so I played it off by scratching my chin with it.
by n0000000000b June 10, 2004
1) To act as if something which has been brought up as a major occurance is really nothing special.

2) To escape punishment or an uncomfortable situation by denying allegations of involvement, esp. by placing blame on another person
1) Sukisoya thought the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima was tremendously horrible, but Gerard played it off as a necessary step for progress

2) Mrs. Lowery accused me of stealing the test key, but I played it off on my home boy Reggie
by The Rabid Definer September 17, 2003
To act indifferent when someone asks you about something or an uncomfortable situation presents itself.
Most often done when pretending something doesn't bother you that actually does.
The hip, less dramatic way of "being empathetic"
"The guy I like a lot just fucked my best friend, but I played it off like I didn't care."
by Kristen December 03, 2003
to act like it didn't happen
"She just told me 'no'"
"That didn't stop Kobe, play it off"
by Matt September 22, 2003
feign indifference
I was totally freaked to see my ex-old lady there, but I'm cool. I played it off like I didn't care.
by jred September 11, 2003
To make someone believe that you don't know something, or that something doesn't bother you.
He was bothering me but I just played it off.
I didn't want her to know I was drinking, so I played it off.
by Jen September 22, 2003
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