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-to wait and see how things go as time passes
Let's just play it by year tonight.
by George Poulus April 25, 2006
143 290
A common misphrasing of play it by ear
-to figure it out as the situation presents itself
-to improvise with plans as needed
-What are you going to do on your date tonight?
-I don't know. I'll just play it by year.
-Don't you mean "by ear"?
by Gina Mason March 19, 2007
453 295
wait and see what happens
I'm going to play it by year and see what happens.
by FYD July 04, 2006
101 184
wait and see what happens
What are you doing today?
I dunno. I'm going to play it by year.
by KML July 03, 2006
83 166