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to play it by ear, but when alcohol will obviously be involved in the future.
admitting alcohol makes plans less concrete.
hey todd, what should we do saturday morning?
well, skyler's party is friday night, LETS PLAY IT BY BEER.
by deezo June 10, 2005
to play it by ear but when alcohol will obviously be a factor.
hey todd, lets go surfing saturday morning.
well skyler's party is friday. we'd better play it by beer.
by deezo June 20, 2005
When you're not quite certain what kind of a night it may turn into, you may be home early or it may turn into a night you wish you could remember.
Todd- "You up for going out after dinner tonight?"

Holly- "I'm not sure but I'll definitely have some cocktails with dinner so let's just play it by beer".
by Todd-O September 15, 2009
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