Synomymous with awesome.
Dude that girl is fucking plau.
by Li was here August 02, 2003
Top Definition
Gorgeous, For a girl to be absolutely stunning. In everyway, physically and emotionally.
"dude, katie is plau. I'm in love"
by JonnyHodgson July 30, 2006
Gas that is better than regular, but not quite supreme. Most often offered by Mexican gas establishments.
"Hokay mang, joo want plaus?"
by Sacul Ekaj August 15, 2008
1. A sticky gummybal who in fact is alive

2. A person who sticks the whole time
Gambanasol, special price for plaus

Oh noo my plaus is hanging on the ceiling of the Vatican Museum
by Hiëronymus van Alphen July 05, 2015
To Give Good Head
She Gave Me Plau After School
by The Don October 20, 2014
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