1. (adj.)the highest degree of coolness one can attain (see also "cool points")
2. (adv.)an action considered to be the pinnacle of coolness (see also "pimp")
1. Tony, and Jesus, are by far the most platinum guys on Earth
2. That dropkick Jesus made was platinum
by Jay August 19, 2003
An accessory which is required by any homie who wants to earn respect /or to be taken seriously. Always diamond encrusted and worn like a chain, around the neck or wrist.
"Now where'd you get that platinum chain with them diamonds in it?"
by omaR April 18, 2003
bling blings
iced out
by blitz jean January 02, 2004
When a joke is so funny that, when used years from now, it is still hilarious.
The system typically consists of:

Bronze-Your joke Stinks

Silver-Pretty good joke, but only receives a mere chuckle

Gold-Great joke, but will not be remembered for very long

Platinum-The joke lives on forever
Jamie: Hey Randy, that joke I told about you was PLATINUM!
Josh:Yup, even though most of your jokes are bronze.
Randy: porqué?!
by J-Badizzle June 29, 2005
a synonym of the word fart used always after you fart. fart
(fart sound) PLATINUM!
by Zoobob July 22, 2004
a bitch ass name posers use to describe themselves when they have lame ass game and are gay
"Yeah, man my name is Platinum...I'm the biggest simp I know. I beat off every weekend like my dick owes me money."
by Dubs November 19, 2004
the award given to a record that sells ten million copies (not one million).
I am a triple platinum thug.
by bicyclenightmare September 29, 2005

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