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1. Masturbating as a result of drinking heavily.
2. Drinking alcohol while masturbating.
I plasturbated so much after i got home last night.
I'm so lonely i plasturbated with my friend Jack Daniels.
by e=mchammered December 16, 2008
To massage your own worldview by rejecting facts or other information that conflicts with it. To deny the validity of all worldviews other than your own.
"He refuses to listen to what other people have to say; he just plasturbates."

"Don't bother talking to her unless you like hearing plasturbation."
by JohnnyReb87 February 09, 2009
Masturbating over a naked mannequin or 3d-rendered nude image, as opposed to the real thing.
What a weirdo... he gets off to those fake 3d-rendered nude chicks! He plasturbates!
by Ninth October 04, 2006