Someone that supports his national team over his club side.
Someone that claims they are a Manchester United Fanatic one miniute then next says he supports England above his chosen club is a Plastic Manchester United Fanatic.
by ezelife September 03, 2006
Adjective. Used by young men to describe a situation where there are very few, or only unattactive girls around that they might be able to nampa.

Derived from the initials PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) meaning Poor Vag Count.
Are you going to the end of term dance?

No, it'll be totally plastic seeing as this is a men only college.
by kilkrazy January 03, 2005
Somewhere in between rubbery and boisterous. Plastic people know the greatest things.
When you go to school with a polo shirt and you're all HEY then that's pretty plastic
by Forsythe J Mord April 07, 2006
Something Melted To Make Something Solid...
"Man, I don't want Britney SPears to be my wife, she's to plastic, I'd be afraid she melt!"
by Ziggurat 8 March 09, 2003
plastics are not at all as bad as peeps make em out to be,ok yes some of them are really self centered and bitchy but some others are kind and actually think about other people.Or just because some girls like wearing skirts and high heels,low neck tops doesnt mean that they are bitchy or unkind they just enjoy wearing em !!!
~hey nice skirt~
~thank you,i like urs~ (nice plastics)

~omg thats like so old~
~no its not~
dont argue with me u dimwit else ill kick ya in~ (nasty plastic)
by *holly* March 23, 2005
Girls that are either bitchey or someone who is in the group not really loving the fact that she has to act like a mega bitch or someone like me who preety much rules her cliqe which is me out my friends im the bitchest but i am a lot less bitchey then the so called popular people they are known as the plastics and unfortunatly one them is the full frontal regina george and alot of them are gretchens and carens and some of them are cadys that are victems to the regina in the group unfortunet thing is in this whole school i am sorta the cady the total victem relising it and some what not relising it . Also i have a burn book too
Holy hell what the hell is she doing her burn book is mega stacked oh no the plastics strike again
by beautifulbitch July 29, 2005
only the most beautiful popular girls in school. pretty much me and my friends twins. i would be regina because i rule my school and pretty much girls idolize me. ohh yeahh and me and my plastic friends have a burn book and your prolly in it.
wow..those plastics are hott
by beautifulme! April 04, 2005

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