Slags, could chizzile offf their make-up they wear so much. Dogs, teenage mum's, smokers, dogs in heels
'OMFG! PLastics!'
by MY NAME IS STEVE January 21, 2009
Banker jargon for credit or debit cards. Usually used in the plural form even when referring to a single card.

Also used as a derogatory term for small-balance credit card holders by those who work in customer care for banks.
The more plastics we put in the hands of consumers the more revenue we generate.

The customer requested new plastics after having cut up their existing ones.

Hold on, I've got a plastic on the phone.
by Majik Fox June 25, 2007
A slang term for police in England, Because they where plastic on there uniforms
Bill: Shit, plastics run!
Bob: Nah i'm too jacked.
by Ben Seddon March 27, 2008
Girls that most boys would like to shag but only the very unfortunate get to as normally you come out with so many S.T.I's you might as well kiss sex bye bye for life. Cos then the only thing your gonna shag is the unsuspecting next door neighbers dog so dont even go there well not with out a condom anyway lol
Jim: shes well fit
Tom: Use a rubber mate She's one of them Plastics
by Matt W....... May 09, 2006
Plastics are female chavs that don't go around wearing the ever classic tracksuits and bling, but go about with skinny, revealing tops, tight bootleg jeans, high leather boots (as seen in a porn movies), burbury bags, scarves and perfume (or new one, gucci perfumes and clothing) and lots of bling. They love to wear gold anything, such as headbands and belts and usualy hang around with a big group of other chavs and plastics. They wear they're hair up sooooo tight in a high ponytail, it pulls they're face back so it looks like they've got botoax, or they have they're hair in a weird side ponytail (that i stopped doing when i was five) or a weirdly shaped bun on the side of they're heads. They act dead hard and are sometimes called 'gangstas' by other chavs, as they seem to be the ringleaders of the group.
"YO THAT WICKED PLASTIC IS HOT MAN, SHE'S BLINGIN, SHE'S A REAL GANGSTA!!!!" *Pushes her way to the front of the ticket queue because she thinks the owns the place, spits on the floor, cries over her lost packet of fags, calls daddy to buy her a new burbury bag and moves on*
by Bethany the chav-hater December 24, 2005
Stupid little girls, and moron little gay guys whom think only about their BF's or GF's, "friends", appearance, hairdo, nails, and summarized CRAP!. We all got to destroy them, people like that should not live. ¬¬
"Oh Chloe, do you like my nails?, i just came from the beauty salon, i got to call Jonny because we are planning something for tonight...WE'RE GONNA WATCH SHREK 2!!" ----> that sucks!
by räch July 07, 2004
Any of the complex family of polymers with extreopateric chemical bonds. If melted and drinken, will enlarge prostate.
Hey, Tiny, haven't you ever heard of plastics?
by plastics, inc. January 23, 2003

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