a group of girls tha run the skool yard, the popular biches that noone actully likes. they are offten seen runnin about with there sexy boyfriends, or holdin hands with each other in a "cute" fashion. they normally experience the real word, as soon as they leave high skool, and dont get any speshal treatment later on in life. they grow up to be fat, fugly fucks. they get wats cummin ti thm in the end.
geek1: "wow i wished i looked like hilary"
geek2: "shes just a plastic tho"
by niggerina_hannah August 19, 2006
What every girls boobs should be full of
P1: My Boobs are full of plastic!
P2: mine too!

P3: Mine aren't.
All: .....
by Heheheheheah April 15, 2010
A label, normally refers only to females.

Clothes: Normally quite 'fashionable', short denim miniskirts, Over-sized belts, Tops that push up their cleavage, High heels.

Hair: Often dyed dark brown, possibly with blond highlights. Either straightened to death or loosley curled in a failed attempt to look 'natural'. Often held back with an alice band.

Music: R&B and pop.

Unfair Stereotype: Looks down on everyone, Slutty, Air-head, Thinks they're more popular than they are, fake.
I am not a plastic, but even I can tell they're not all like that.
by Sana_Shadow April 10, 2009

1. someone or something pretentious and superficial, a false
person or thing

2. a credit card
She is just so plastic.
by The Return of Light Joker December 20, 2007
A group of sophomores at St. Joe who think they are prettier and better then everyone else.
Did you see the plastics at the party last night?
by hate it May 16, 2005
A girl or gang of girls who are shallow and care to much about there appearence!They are usually bitches and barbie like. Neally every boy fancies them and finks there hot.
They finks they are the coolest peeps in town.
They call people who are 'lower' than them losers. There the populars!
Kirsty: OMG! I got so much for my birthday! Look at these jeans! DEsigner! My nan gave my £150 and i got the lastest i pod and mobile!

Bethen: Thts so swell!

Ellie: At the week end I was walking down the street and this rely fir boi wolf whistles at me and i go ova and get his number!

Imi: Sweet!

(The plastics)
by .:DaRk RoSe:. October 03, 2006
When one inserts his/her penis inside the penis hole of another for pain or pleasure
Josh likes to plastic with TJ all night long until TJ's penis rips.
by Sir Carles Livingston III July 01, 2010

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