A systematic person who tends to have no soul or mind of their own - also who alters oneself for progression of beauty; social strumpet.
That plastic doesn't know what a socilaist is.
by agentcodyfranks February 07, 2004
A group of "students" in a school that doesn't do much but roam the halls during class , bitch and moan about retarded Facebook or Twitter happenings, get offended when someone tells them to shut up when the teacher is trying to get the word out and Basically, make everybody else life in high school a living hell.
They think they dress awesome, look awesome and is the epitome of awesome and EVERYBODY loves them, but in reality THEY SUCK, THEY WILL NEVER MAKE IT IN LIFE AND THEY SHOULD JUST JUMP OUT A WINDOW WHILE THEY'RE STILL AHEAD.
The girls will end up being their dad's or "husband's"sperm dumpster and the guys will either end up dead or in jail being some big hulking guy's "Midnight Snack"
Boy: Aw fuck here comes a plastic girl, have you heard? she sucked some plastic guy's dick in the bathroom.
Girl: Yeah, she's a slut but people still hang out with her.
Boy: Well duh! They're only there for the benefits!
Girl: What's the benefit? Herpes?
Boy: Fuck, I don't know and I don't want to know
Girl: I'm tired of plastics, I wish they would just die!
Boy: The feeling is mutual.
by RM'sLittleSlave November 22, 2011
A lightweight, cheap substance often used by large, stingy corporations to more economically manufacture stuff that is better made of just about anything else. Often seen in crappy products that come from China.
Why would you ever make a slinky out of plastic?
by The Agent of Randomness June 20, 2011
1. A synthetic material used for many purposes

2. A group or individual who is good-looking, materialistic and seemingly perfect on the outside, but lacking in depth on the inside

3. A credit card
1. A lot of things are made of plastic these days

2. Those girls are dumb plastics

3. He's got a wallet full of plastic
by johndonut April 23, 2011
Flammable substance.
survivor: Oh look a large pile of plastic. lets burn it to keep warm.
by Melancholykills August 11, 2009
very stupid
being stupid or doing silly things
stupid or silly things
being stupid or doing silly things
a white crown icon with cross eyes and a red round nose
in cantonese the pronunciation of plastic is gao which is very similar to gau. so plastic is used to be the metonymy of the word gau.
A:i have just done a very stupid stuff.
B:dont be so plastic, okay!?

A:i have just done a very stupid stuff.
B:dont distribute plastic, okay!?
by devildelta October 18, 2011
(NOUN) slang- HEROINE , this term was coined after smoking the brown form results in a "plastic appearence" substance is being burned
i'm nodding from the H plastic i just smoked
by nodder September 13, 2011
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