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the never changing 'cheshire cat' grin found on those wishing to: "win friends and influence people", this group would primarily include politicians and business 'people'.

one has to wonder: what happens to these peoples' faces when they get 'pissed off', 'fed-up', or largely 'explosively' frustrated'? -such a bizarre human behavior style!

of course, it DOES tend to put the trusting 'at ease', making the more 'pliable' more easily taken advantage of.

-nevertheless, it gives people like me, who smile only when something is funny or 'lighthearted'; the CREEPS!!
the politician's plastic smile finally disappeared during the reception, after zack pushed a cream pie in her/his face!!

the insurance mans' plastic smile, let me know i had a new friend!!

all the cult members were possessors of the plastic smile!!
by michael foolsley April 29, 2012
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