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a wannabe scouser will put on a liverpool accent and act like a scouser to try and look hard or impress somebody or make them stand out.
People that come from formby and ormskirk can offten be plastic scousers and will act this way.

Forby person "Ay lad don't be fuckin bang on"
#fake #scouse #liverpudlian #pretender #wannabe
by joe_red August 30, 2006
Someone who supports Liverpool FC, but doesn't even know where Merseyside is, nevermind Liverpool.

Easy to spot in their replica shirts with the name of a player on the back who's since moved to a bigger club.

Believe they have kudos for 'always supporting them', despite being a glory hunter in the first place.

Easy to spot in pubs around Surrey and the south of England, talking in cockney accents, waving a copy of the Sun about, shouting about "plastic mancs".
Plastic Scouser = 99% of Liverpool supporters
#liverpool fc #plastic scouser #liverpool #kopites #gobshites
by NCB76 February 23, 2010
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