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Plasterphobic, a. – averse to getting plastered, or drunk. More generally employed to describe anyone with a strong aversion to even minor quantities of alcohol. A logically created quasi-blend of “plastered” and “phobic”, at times also found as “plaster-o-phobic”—an attempt to maintain the “-ed” ending of the “plastered”, which differentiates the meaning from the construction material to the alcohol-related term. The term “plaster” is not sufficiently imbued with the alcohol-related meaning to where “plasterphobic” creates an immediate response, but the term is generally accepted and subsequently commonly used after an initial explanation. Not a completely transparent creation, but probably not a nonce-usage either.
“When she came in and saw us on the couch, she backtracked and ran…and it’s not like it was THAT bad. / She’s so plasterphobic, you know she doesn’t want that in her room. ”
by hugedork April 11, 2004
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