When you are under the influnence of any type of drugs where you dont know what to say..

you dont know if its a body high, mind high or just a plasma
dude i dont know what im feeling

oh your so plasma

by Nick Sc June 18, 2008
A high-energy state of matter. Very deadly...radioactive, hot, and toxic...very truly said by the first definition...however...it is not found only in Sci-fi...it is quite real, and is used in the real world. You never see it, because there is simply not enough funding yet to put this incredible technology in place.

Also, the military, like computers, is keeping plasma technology both as a weapon and as an energy source, out of civilian hands, at least for the next 40 years. The reason is to keep civilians from being more advanced than the military, and also to perfect this new technology.

The United States military is already preparing themselves with plasma armaments to be mounted probably first on vehicles such as fighter jets and then guns to be held in the hands of mobile infantry soldiers. The goal in mind is low cost, high-abundance ammunition.

As a power source, it is already being used at the central core of not only the International Space Station, but the central hubs of cities.
Believe it. Because if you don't, one day it WILL come back to haunt you. The United States already has a plasma weapons platform in orbit and on the ground, in sync with eachother, ready to fire on any location on Earth. The purpose of this weapons system is a more efficient way of erradicating a whole area without the nuclear fallout, splash damage, etc.

Get in The Loop. You'll find out stuff like this all the time, and will find it very fascinating and gratifying.
by The Road Warrior July 09, 2005


can be verb if you try

basically cell material like junk in the trunk such as organelles, cytosol, etc..
omg its not plasma its CYTO PLASMa
you should be glad theres no what thehell-plasm

stop that plasma-ing
by bio biotch March 21, 2005
the word of the century!
can mean kickin'
Idiot: "Dude that was totally the SEKS!"
Smart person: "Don't you mean it was PLASMA?"
by youloveit000776 January 25, 2007
extremely cool, awesome, tight
wow lexy your so plasma!
That backflip was fucking plasma!
by plasma July 19, 2005

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