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Pouring powder into ones ass through a funnel and farting it out into a big white ploom to the song "Rock You Like A Hurricane" by The Scorpions.
It is fun to plarf powder when you are bored!
by Hockey Temper September 18, 2010
plarf was originally meant to describe a nasty shit but is now mainly used to evoke frustration, disappointment or apathy.
(from "man, i just plarfed my brains out" to, simply, "plarf.")
by llacaps August 25, 2009
when one goes to burp and a little vomit comes up
Dude, I just plarfed in my mouth and it tastes disgusting
by caseyG January 19, 2008
Plarf is a word used when you are frustrated..
"jfasjkj Plarf! i can't solve this math problem!"
by Lalalalalla!! October 19, 2007
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