Sport invented in Australia where you lie flat on your stomach while someone else takes photographs and uploads them onto the internet.
That was some mean planking bro!
by Planker#1 May 20, 2011
When an individual proceeds to lay face down in a horizontal manner on selected (preferably iconic) surfaces.

The aim is to create the most convincing illusion of a static rigid plank, made from human.

Planking is site specific. There is a direct correlation between location and phrase the more radical/humorous the location the more phrase is awarded.
"I been planking on radical things snice the 82"

Observer "You planked that sign so hard"
Planker "thanks, it really felt solid"
by Rook-docter May 16, 2011
To lie face down with arms by sides in a plank like position on different objects or in creative situations.

Most popular in Australia.

Started as a facebook fan page craze

Can be potentially dangerous, one confirmed death from planking as of 16 May 2011.
Guy 1 "Yo, Check out Matt on that roof up there, what's he doin?"

Guy 2 "Aw he's just planking, last week I saw him on a letterbox."
by Not your average sex guy May 15, 2011
The act of lying face down on an object while remaining rigid much like a plank of wood. Often, a photograph is taken of this act and posted on social media outlets. Often performed by lying on objects which are either completely awkward or dangerous, such as a basketball hoop or the middle of a road. The origins of planking can be traced back to the "lying down game" which has its roots in Japanese Anime.
Kyle: "Mike, I'm going to go planking on that stop sign over there!"

Mike: ".... dude, you're a faggot, no I will not take a picture of you being a douche bag."

Kyle: "But I will get so many comments on this picture of Facebook!"

Mike: *bertstare*
by YaboyMike May 15, 2011
Planking, increasingly popular in Australia, involves people lying flat on their stomachs in various and sometimes dangerous settings and then posting photographs on the Internet.
"Australian police say a man who plunged seven floors to his death from an apartment balcony was participating in the Internet craze of 'planking.'...Queensland state police Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett told reporters that the dead man, aged in his 20s, fell from a balcony railing while a friend photographed him before dawn on Sunday in Brisbane city." - Washington Post, May 15, 2011.
by pcjr May 15, 2011
n Planking

Verb: The art of actively lying down.
The objective of the perfect plank is to have a dead straight body, arms by side, palms facing inwards, toes down or pointed - to mimic a plank of wood.
*Variations are the vertical plank, the inverted plank, the hanging plank, multiple ply plank and many more.
that plank is awesome, it gave me wood

his legs and arms weren't straight, that plank was gammin

dude, what on the hell are you doing? just a bit of planking, care to join me?
The act of finding a random object, and lying face down on it with your hands by your sides. Was popularized by the indie radio station Triple J. Is usually accompanied with photographs and facebook comments. This is very commonplace in Australia.
Planking: What Australians do when we aren't hunting crocodiles or beating you at sport.
by Zerotrousers May 12, 2011

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