The act of having one's picture taken while lying down flat as a "plank" on some surface, generally in a public place.
Man, that girl is really photogenic. I know dude, especially when she is planking.
by Bod_of_a_God May 26, 2011
When an individual person lays down, in a straight, face first position in an unusual place, whilst someone else takes a picture of this. These pictures are often used as profile pictures. Very popular in Australia, although frowned upon because of an unfortunate death involving a multi-story apartment and a window ledge.
dude, see that fence there, im going to plank on it, take a picture.
Aw man, i got some great planking photos
by detreblig May 26, 2011
To lie across 2 parallel objects.
Fan 1:
Bro look at the Plankerz: Ryan (RyPlank), Bravo (Splinter), Jensen, Brian, and CJ. They're Planking like pros.
Fan 2:
They are pros.
by $$Lumber$$ May 22, 2011
When a person or persons lie flat and rigid face down with both palms pointed down, usually across two surfaces not meant to be lied on. Originating in Australia
Jeff: check out my mad planking skills
Frank: dude you just planked across two buses, this is going on facebook
by Jaywalrus May 21, 2011
Lying flat and straight, face down on as small a surface as possible. The weirder or more dangerous the location the better.
Dude 1: Didn't some guy die planking?
Dude 2: Yeah, its my new favorite sport!
by letsgoplank May 20, 2011
To lie face down with an emotionless face, arms to the side, in a rigid manner. Can be done by anyone on anything to make an impressive picture. It is proper to have a picture taken of oneself planking and post it on Facebook. Originated by British Rugby player David "Wolfman" Williams
Jim- What is that idiot doing laying on the park bench face down looking like a zombie

Bob-Ohh he's just planking dude.
by KyleBFC May 20, 2011
The act of lying face down, palms flat against the sides, and feet together pointing at the floor. The event must take place in an odd location and shared via the internet to be considered an official "plank." It is allegedly dangerous.
Tom took a picture Bill planking on top of Sydney Opera House.
by Etyman May 20, 2011
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