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Laying and balancing horizontally on random objects in attempt to boost swag. Pictures are usually taken to capture the erect posture you hold whilst in the act of planking.
Lawrence: "Bro I was Planking on a garbage can last week"
Ragu: "Did you snag a pic?"
Lawrence: "Heck yes! I was as stiff as a black man's sausage."
by Git Law May 25, 2011
The newest extreme sport where an individual proceeds to lie down, straight as a plank, face down, on a car a bench, etc.. and then have your photo taken in that position, and then put the picture on the world wide web.
George: Dude you won't plank on Jake's car.
Matt: I just did, now take a picture!
George: That's going on facebook, your planking the fuck out of his car!
by George Sfik May 24, 2011
When one lies on their stomach with their hands directly at their sides and with their head pointed downwards. This is done for fun, and the point is to come up with creative places to do it, such as on top of a chimney or over public restroom stall(s). Pictures of one planking make ideal profile pictures.
Q: That kid is just randomly lying flat like a pencil on top of that diving board while his friend is taking a picture of him, what is going on?
A: That kid on the diving board is planking.
by Myagooshki May 23, 2011
Some gay shit people do in order for other people to laugh at them. It's thought that it was originated at some gay frat guy's house then spread to all the fucking faggots out there.
That guy is so gay he could be planking all night.
by yourmom999999 November 07, 2011
Planking is what lame retards do, thinking its actually cool.
Australia made planking illegal, because planking is fucking stupid.
by fnzzz June 07, 2011
The act of lying flat on your stomach, arms to your side, all extremities straight back, all in posing for pictures to put on Facebook or other social networking sites
Joe was planking on top of a park bench and posted the picture to Facebook.
by HACKAMUH May 27, 2011
Lying face down on the ground with arms to the side of the body in unusual places to get a ''wtf?'' from people who are not accustomed to this activity.

Many plankers will take pictures of their planking and post them to the Internets to arouse laughter.

Some idiots might plank in unsafe places, resulting in stupid injuries.
Danny: Hey Drogo, did you hear what happened to Viserys?
Drogo: No, what did your idiot brother do again?
Danny: He was planking on train tracks and got hit by a train.
Drogo: Stupid Dragon.
by tincel1372 May 27, 2011