The absolute stupidest shit ever. Come on, who finds this entertaining? I'd rather get my face ground off with fine-grit sandpaper. Slowly.

If you were wondering what it actually is, it's just a bunch of wierdos who have nothing to do but find the most weird-ass places to lay face-down. I saw this guy planking on the top of a McDonald's sign once. Just don't plank, it's so stupid and makes you look like a loser. Don't even get me started with owling.
Person 1:*planking*
Person 2:*suicide*
by Leo Stark July 22, 2011
The act of laying in unusual spaces face down with your body completely straight, usually a sport between various women to see who gets the funniest plank, guess its something women are good at
Did you see chelsi's planking picture yesterday? She was laying in the street and got hit by a car, I guess women arent good at anything.
by Jesus[MuthaFucking]Christ July 19, 2011
Planking is where an idiot with a low IQ lies horizontally with their arms by their sides across an object or ground like a fucking dumbass.
Random Guy: Look there's a retard planking in the middle of the road!
by plankinghater July 16, 2011
Planking is the art of lying down with a stiff body on any random object. Planking originated in Australia and has now become popular. Planking is an evolution of parkour, it is for people who cannot do parkour and want to look "cool" by taking pictures of themselves planking. Planking is pointless, if you want do something useful, learn parkour.
Kid: "Yo' check out this picture of me planking."

Friend: "Oh, you're cool."

Kid: "Thanks, I know."
by DoParkourDontPlank July 06, 2011
A stupid "sport" invented by Australians, it involves lying on your stomach while holding a plank form. This is often attempted in dangerous places to prove that this lame sport is not so lame. A few people have died, yet people still go crazy for this "sport".
Kangaroo Australian: Hey lets go planking on dangerous things.

Koala Australian: Planking? You mean that stupid "sport" that Australians do where they lie on their stomachs and lay on weird things?

Kangaroo Australian: Yes, that "sport"
by SweatyBallSack May 15, 2011
A game made for kids with downs so that they to can feel normal like the rest of us and claim fame on the internet. It's the act of stupidly putting yourself in dangerous situations and laying down like a plank with your body straight and ur hands on ur side head facing down.
Jon: Hey Mike wanna hang out and shoot some pool this Saturday?"

Mike: Na man I can't I need to take care of my brother who has downs and he cant do normal stuff like the rest of us.

Jon: Oh thats ok you can take him along lets go planking instead.

by Holyshilidin July 01, 2011
Planking is what lame retards do, thinking its actually cool.
Australia made planking illegal, because planking is fucking stupid.
by fnzzz June 07, 2011
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