The stupidest fucking act ever where you lay on your stomach with your hands at your sides and stretch your fingers and feet downward and then post a picture of it on facebook. Many people choose to do this across a building, car roof, the ground, on another person, or on an animal.
Dude, I'm not the only one that hates planking, Ray William Johnson does too!
by PLANKING~IS~STUPID July 24, 2011
When a person lays down straight with hands next to them on any object and poses for a picture to upload online and get a risk rating. Can be done singular or in groups.
Did you hear about that guy who died planking?
by MRAwesome. May 16, 2011
The act of lying completely flat on extreme surfaces, such as a road or police vehicle
King of planking - "Clearly the only reason he was charged was because his planking had been done already."
by Mandernaught May 13, 2011
Lying face down, stiff as a plank, in a public place and taking a photo.
I took a photo of him planking on a bridge.
by McMarina May 16, 2011
Planking was invented in 2009 by Paige Wilson of Stockton, Ca. "Weston ranch". It was popularized by the social group, "hipsters".
Damn son, you be planking?
You be planking it more than Paige Wilson.
by itgetsthehoseagain May 24, 2011
An idiotic fad in which kids lay flat across a surface with arms at sides, chin up and toes pointed. Although, half of them just lay across the surface.. Then post pictures of this act on social networking sites such as facebook, thinking it makes them cool.
John: "Ayeee, look at the kid planking on the feild goal post!"

Scott: "Dude, that's the stupidest thing i've ever seen. I hope he falls."
by whaaaathetruck July 30, 2011
Verb: The art of actively lying down
The objective of planking is to have a dead straight body, arms by side, palms facing inwards, toes down or pointed - to mimic a plank of wood.
*Variations are the vertical plank, the inverted plank, the hanging plank, multiple ply plank (mutliple people in one action)
"Hey let's go planking"

"Did you see that guy planking? It gave me wood"
"That girls planking is gammin, bent legs, bent body, poor form"
by Plank Master T May 12, 2011

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