Parkour for people who cannot run very fast. Instead of running about public places and doing silly flips, you lay down.
Guy 1 is awkwardly laying on a statue

Guy 2: What are you doing up there?

Guy 1: I'm planking.
by Brucely June 14, 2011
Planking is when someone lies flat on their stomach with their arms straight back against their body. The straighter your body, arms, and legs, the better the plank, then they try to do it on narrow surfaces. This craze started in Australia.
Emily got wasted and started planking on the countertop in the kitchen.
by ChristiLeilani May 18, 2011
Planking is the act of lying horizontal, face-down in various locations and acting like a "Plank". Photographs are then taken and posted on the internet so everyone can see how awesome your planking skills are. Both location and difficulty of the plank are important.
Hey man, did you see Dave's pictures? He did some epic planking on site last week
by uberho May 15, 2011
To lie down on your stomach on a surface with pointed toes and arm's straight beside you.
That was an awesome plank dude. Lets do some more planking.
by Leen.94 May 17, 2011
Planking new internet craze which involves a person lying face down, stiff as a board with arms at your side, in unusual places and then having someone to take a photo of you and post it on the web.

Nate Shaw, 20, from Gladstone, told Nine News: "I want to become the best planker there is"

*Guy lies on police car*
by Arichima May 13, 2011
PLANKING - also known as "planksters" the art of laying perfectly still like a plank of wood in weird places like on mailbox, a basket ball hoop and stairs. you then take pictures and upload them to the planking facebook page so other planksters can try to out do yours.
person 1 - joe i'm bored lets bake a cake or something
person 2 - baking is gay lets go planking stuff
person 1 -that sounds extremely dumb and dangerous but i love it lets go plank the Sydney harbor bridge!
person 2 - that's such a great idea and then lets facebook it!
by missplankton May 13, 2011
planking meaning to have sexual intercourse by inserting a penis into a vagina.
Is everyone planking these days?
by Stud24boy July 06, 2011

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