Where someone lies as straight as a plank with hands and legs parallel with the body on random objects, fences, buildings, signposts, etc trying to get the coolest pics for facebook.
Mate, he wasn't balancing, he was planking.
by L0Wee May 15, 2011
Planking, which involves somebody lying flat on their stomach in unusual or different environments. Very popular in Australia.
Dude, check out that flag pole..

by Adam_Has_Gherkin_Bewbs May 15, 2011
To lie across an object with arms by your side in an attempt to look like a straight piece of wood

i.e a plank
you must also take a photo of it!
Steve: Hey did you see that photo on facebook of John lying on the top of a ladder?

Joe: What like planking?

Steve: Yeah. It was awesome
by madeleine.rose May 14, 2011
To lay rigid, face down with arms by your side.
More points awarded for difficulty of location and risk involved.
Planking- Laying down rigidly on the top of a sign post.
by Ue00 May 14, 2011
to act as a plank.

1. lay facedown and be still as a plank.
2. keep your arms straight.
3. keep your legs straight.
4. get your friend to take a picture
5. upload to facebook.

ps. the most daring planks are the best. E.g. one that would be hard to do, something that would get you into trouble. like a police car....
sam: hey, remember that planking last night?
bill: yeah we went some gutsy places last night.
by monopolyex May 13, 2011
verb (infinitive)

The act of instantaneously placing one's body unto a miscellaneous surface in which all respective body parts are in a 90° angle to the horizontal.
Spectator: "Dude, why are you lying as stiff as a board on that policecar's roof?"

The dude lying on the policecar's roof: "I'm planking, spectator."

see facebook group "Planking Australia" or "Planking South Africa"
by alexman91 May 12, 2011
When you lie face down on something with your hands by your side.
Lieing face down on items of interest, in cities .etc.

youtube planking.

He was planking all last night while his mates were taking photos and puting them on facebook.
by sammylic12 May 12, 2011

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