To lay completely rigid, face down on any surface. Your arms must be placed by your side, held straight and fingers pointed. Must also have a expressionless face.
Other known as "The Lying Down Game" (UK)
Lets go plank that fence
I wanna go planking
by Plankaholic May 17, 2011
Internet fad where an individual lies face down with their arms by their side as straight as possible on random or public places while someone takes a picture. Example of places: fridge, rail, tables, statues, ect.
Take my picture while I'm planking on this sign
by Planker6 May 17, 2011
When one lies in a stiff horizontal position (sometimes naked) on random objects or in random places. Eg) Walls, hedges, fire hydrants, cars, fences, lights, signs, trolleys etc. Usually accompanied by someone who takes a photo and posts it on the internet.
Catherine: dude can we go planking next week end in the city?

Emma: yeah that's MADD! Let's plank on the mcdonalds drive though sign!
by Shrimpyy May 15, 2011
Planking is the act of lying down, completely straight and stiff, in an absurd or random place and taking a photo.

When performing a Plank:

1: You must always lay face down, ensuring your face remains expressionless for the duration of the Plank.

2: Your legs must remain straight, and together with toes pointed.

3: Your arms must be placed by your side, held straight and fingers pointed.

4: You must make it known that you are Planking. Saying 'I am Planking' usually get this across. Sternly announcing it will ensure a good result.

5: Your safety should always be considered. Properly thought through Planking procedures should always go to plan. Never put your self at undue risk, unless you are a seasoned Planker.

6: First Aid should never be far away. Ice, Bandaids, Cast Plaster, needle and thread, emotional support and a quick escape route need to be on hand.

7: Every Plank that is captured must be named. Etc, "Cow Plank", "Letterbox Plank"
Take a photo of me planking on top of this cow, so I can post it on Facebook!
by bharrie May 14, 2011
the gayest ass shit. Usually done by dubs and losers.
Who the fuck is planking over there?
oh its just a dub with no friends.
by urbankid102 November 23, 2011
The most stupid thing ever created that actually entertains people
Bill: Hey do u want to plank on that stairwall?
Chris: Nah planking is stupid and gay
by swaggtv1969 July 29, 2011
One of the many stupid things humanity resorts to when bored
go on the intranet, you'll find an example of planking
by Imma Bigweiner July 28, 2011
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