a person that flys radio controlled air planes
That Bob guy is such a nice planker.
by brnns December 30, 2009
Top Definition
A very dense slow minded ignorant individual that doesn't think before speaking.
Wow Bob, you really are a Planker.
by Flouxetine August 10, 2006
Derogatory term used by snowboarders towards a skier.
(skier cuts off snowboarder)
Snowboarder, "watch it planker!"
by zeeblaster January 10, 2011
without a general plan or direction, aimless. In most Verizon cellular phones, "plankers" will appear when trying to text the word "planless" in T9 word.
After I got ditched at the gay bar, I was totally plankers. Beers, y'all.
by Trelvington May 21, 2010
a person who performs planking
What a planker on that statue!
by sidd_ultimate January 17, 2012
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