a flat-chested woman
- That chick is a real knockout!
- Too bad she didn't grow any knockers...
- Yeah, she's a plank.
by plankspanker February 25, 2009
Intended as an insult, used to describe a person who might be slightly stupid/dim. Irish slang for 'moron'
Person1: Hi... This... is... my... first... time...in... Japan... How... are... you... all...?
Person2: Ya plank, most of the people here speak English!
by SlashWraith March 15, 2009
In good taste.
"Man, this record is plank."
"I saw a show last night, it was plank."
by avieth March 04, 2008
a 270 pound hulking machine that attends Bull Shit High School, the biggest kid in his class, plays on the football team, eats a lot, and prtoects females everywhere

new size on size chart: S, M, L, XL, XXL, Plank
"Yo, here comes Plank."
"Run away!!"
by Tank April 11, 2005
idiot person, like some people i wont mention, like Ben, like i said, i wont mention them...
Ben... yep thats about it
by shiny-head, but not bald September 05, 2003
a word used to accurately describe david smith
david smith is a plank
by neo November 14, 2003
some idiot ladi ladi la im masking up 20 words woo hoo
oh josh, u r a total plank
by PYRO November 29, 2004
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