A wooden board nailed to the edge of a boat.
I pushed my boss off the plank.
by Saints October 26, 2003
A very poor individual with a serious case of syphilis that spends his/her free time sucking wieners and playing strip scrabble with men in suits.
Your mother is a plank.
by Casey Carrier and Heather Uhl November 16, 2008
T9 language for skank.

When texting skank on your cell phone the T9 God will substitute "plank."
God U R a plank. And a total plut.
by Plank February 20, 2006
a stupid person or pice of wood
u stupid plank

i ahve a 2x4
by ZuPa pAn August 18, 2003
more stupid that a piece of sawn and dried timber
What sort of plank would do that !
by Boris August 05, 2003
To hide something
Linzi: Does your mum plank the chocolate?
Rachel: Yeah, so I can't find it and eat it :(
Katie: Plank!?
Rachel: To plank = To hide
Linzi: Duh!
by Ktwatt March 17, 2009
A synonym for a "rebound" in basketball.
Did you see Dirk jump up and get the plank?
by CarsonF November 01, 2007

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