slang term for fucking someone
I took that hottie home last night and planked her.
by Johnny Tats October 15, 2007
To plank is to poop on something out of the ordinary.
I just planks that piece of wood and sent it down the stream for other to enjoy.

Jeff was such dick last night when I was here so I planked his grill that asshole.
by mrdavidc May 26, 2011
An erection.

From "to have wood". Often used to announce morning wood.
I've got a plank!
by Manshenstein February 06, 2011
To plank: to have a planned wank. Being planned will involve some sort of preparation eg tissues ready, computer, 'special sites' etc
John: What are you doing tonight Will?
Will: I'm going to have a crafty plank, parents are out...
John: You sly dog.


Man A: I'm so stressed at the moment!
Man B: Why dont you have a plank tonight?
Man A: What's that?
Man B: *whispers in ear*
Man A: What, even with cushions and the lot? What a great idea, thanks bud!
by aslyone August 29, 2010
A guitar - especially of the Telecaster variety, which literally is a plank (well, almost anyway)
- Bro', grab your plank, fire up the amp, plug in, and lets jam 'til our fingers bleed!
by plankspanker February 23, 2009
4 wheels, trucks and a deck made of wood. a.k.a. Skateboard
ride my plank to bowmanville
by AnthonyWeaver March 29, 2006
Johnny 2x4's best buddy.
Johnny:Tell a funny joke!
Johnny:HAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one buddy!
by KawaiiAnime November 27, 2003
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