a longboard
Bro #1: dude check out my longboard

Bro #2: that plank is sick as hell
by OxfordOfficialDictionary September 19, 2010
British 'slang' term for an individual whose mental capacity is similar in aptitude to a piece of wood.
Bill: 'So, do these guys know what they're talking about?'

Ben: 'No, they're a bunch of fuckin' planks'
by iznt July 17, 2009
slang term for fucking someone
I took that hottie home last night and planked her.
by Johnny Tats October 15, 2007
slang term for Xanax, Alprazolam, benzodiazepine class used to treat anxiety disorders
mr.a)Say fool you got any planks?

mr.b)yeah they hittin 3 for ten

by jcarman October 17, 2006
To purposely lie face down with hands and feet together. Usually done in a weird location such as on stairs, vending machines, or cars. The point of this act is to photograph it and place it on FaceBook where it will be marveled at and or laughed at.
Planker: Yesterday I Planked Mr.Booker's desk when he was turned around.

Friend: What?? Did you get a pic and put it on FaceBook?

Planker: Bro, of course i did!!
by RobbieTheFeen May 26, 2011
A Prostituting Slutty Skank.
OMG did you see the way she is dressed, She is such a Plank
by x0xBrokenxInsidex0x September 12, 2009
In the situation of being about to be fired, laid off, or dumped, as in "walking the plank", "on the plank", "went off the plank", etc.; from the pirate custom of making superfluous individuals walk off a plank at the side of their ship and fall into the water.
"I hear Millie's on the plank and they're just waiting for an excuse to let her go."
by anarcissie May 01, 2008

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