A potent strain of marijuana which combines the "Train Wreck" and "Afgani" strains. Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that hits you as hard as a freight train that you don't see coming; burns quick and produces thick smoke that will almost certainly get you coughing. Afghani on the other hand has big round fat leaves and the same beautiful big fat buds, which usually has a rich smooth hash like heavy smoke taste.

Like most hybrids that mix a sativa-strain and a indica-strain, Plane Wreck has quickly gained a reputation as a very potent, couch-gluing, rant-inducing, giggle-fest-having breed of DA' BUDDY :)

so it's trainwrekk and afgani?!


yeah yo, it's called plane wreck!


why's it called plane wreck?

cus....idk.....'s what afganis do, rite?....wreck planes into stuff....

aww, but now i feel bad, that's like "remember 9/11" weed...

yooo! wooooord! that's what we'll call it NEXT week!
Top Definition
Extremely potent marijuana that is stronger and more intense than trainwreck. Those who have smoked it report feelings of tingling, weightlessness and the feeling you get when you're ankle deep in a wave sliding out into the ocean again, which, makes you feel like you're on a plane that is crashing.
I hit a bowl of planewreck out of the bong and fell to the couch.
by tyler durdenn September 04, 2007
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