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A very large butt or booty
Man that girl has a planet ass.
by kj0 March 06, 2007
a very large ass.
when your ass is so large it can be referred to as a planet ass.
your ass is so big it should be called a planet ass
by kjo March 03, 2007
a place where people who get a lot of ass live, people who rarely get ass often express the desire to live on planet ass
John always has a girlfriend. He must live on planet ass.

I overheard Kelly and Kristy talking about how they wish they lived on planet ass.
by parrots March 03, 2007
a place where people with girlfriends or boyfriends live because they get so much ass.
a place where people without lovers wish they lived
That girl must live on planet ass. She has a new boyfriend every other week.
Kelly and kristy often dream about the day they will live on planet ass.
by kjo March 03, 2007