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To make plans with the intention of canceling or never following through. Often used if the planceling party is not quick enough to come up with an excuse. Sometimes both parties plancel, and no meeting is intended, the future event is just a social gesture.

(I made this word up, but you should use it.)
The specific plancel:

A: What are you doing on Thursday?
B: (Thinking: I can't come up with anything!) I don't know.
A: Let's go see a movie
B: That would be great. (I'm trapped. I hope he doesn't call, but I'll tell him a family member is ailing if he presses it.)

The two-way, generic plancel:

A: It was so good to see you.
B: You too. Let's do dinner sometime. (We're never doing dinner).
A: Definitely. (We're never doing dinner.)
by Conrad H. September 10, 2007