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a really really groovy pink bird. it also has a bending neck!!!! yayaya!!!! some average boring people usually refer to plamingos as "flamingos." you are being brainwashed!!!!! hahaahah!!!! now you MUST use this word!!!! heheeheheh!!!!!! lalalalaalaalalal!!!! wwwwaaaaahhhaaaaaaahahahah!!!!
a: "I saw a plamingo at the zoo!!! It was groovy!!!"

b: "I ate a plamingo for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!!!"
by dudeley dude May 31, 2004
Me and Katie's favorite bird!!!! They are hot pink and eat yummy fish and are cute and like cool people like me and Katie!!
a. Me: I like Plamingos.
Devon: What the hell is a Plamingo?
b. Plamingos are tasty!! But I'm a vegetarian, so I can't eat them!
by VEGETARIAN!!! June 13, 2004

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