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Nixon had Watergate, the Clintons had Whitewater. This is Leakwater.
Often called Plamegate, Rovegate or the CIA Leak Case, Leakwater is a better name for the White House scandal over the leaking of a CIA operative's name to discredit and intimidate her husband and other White House critics. See also "The Leaker," a John Sherffius cartoon of July 11, 2005, which shows Karl Rove taking a leak on the CIA seal.
What's the President up to now? This smells worse than Leakwater.

(alternate name: Plamegate)
by RSD July 08, 2006
The political scandal based around the 2003 leak of a covert CIA operative's identify. Valerie Plame Wilson, the agent, was the wife of a political enemy of George W. Bush leading up to the Iraqi invasion.
Karl Rove was involved in Plamegate.
by drew99 October 02, 2005
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