The act of stealing in the written word. The worst crime in terms of copyright infringement.
Blogger Lewis Unknown and some others have repeatedly plagiairized works of a small press author from Illinois, he'd pass his plagiarism after plagiarism off as the original creations. David Boyer did an act of plagiarism author Ferrel Moore for a submission that was recommended for a Bram Stoker Award.
by UncleFossil November 04, 2010
What people who either can't write or are too lazy do whenever a paper is due. Any usage of someone else's writing as one's own is plagiarism, no matter how cleverly disguised (or not) it is.

Perhaps the most common way is to search for or download existing papers, cut and paste, change the wording superficially and scramble it a little, and turn it in as your own. Other common methods are to simply copy other students' work in one's class, changing it superficially, or to download or even buy papers online.

Any way you do it, it's a reprehensible practice that can, and should get you in big trouble. There are known cases where students have been held back a year, or even expelled. Unfortunately, plagiarism still seems to be a growing problem, and students usually get away with it.

(note: this entry written by a student)
Student: Why am I getting an A- for this paper?
Teacher: Because it matches three other students' as well as wikipedia.
Student: No way! I didn't do it!
Student: And you didn't prohibit it in the syllabus!
Teacher: sighs I ought to make you rewrite it, but-
Student: I'll sue you!

by spinningtabletop May 23, 2008
From Wikipedia: "is the practice of claiming, or implying, original authorship or incorporating material from someone else's written or creative work, in whole or in part, into ones own without adequate acknowledgment."

What I'm doing is not plagiarism because I acknowledged Wikipedia as a direct source of the information and I quoted what I took from the article. There's a world of difference.
-"You know, Family Guy wouldn't be accused of plagiarism if they just admitted to the fact that they copy The Simpsons all the time."
-"It'd still sucks ass, though."
-"I totally agree with you."
by bobertdude July 02, 2007
To pay homage without acknowledging the source.
All writers are in some way or another plagiarists. Some are just better at it than others.
by Killing Kittens June 09, 2004
To make an undeniably copied statement.
Who's bad?
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
an uncalled for term meaning you kinda took what someone said somewhere and put it in your own words and then got lazy and used copy and paste. however, i guess if we were all being like stephen hall, we wouldnt have to worry about this harsh term
man, i had to write a paper for Donellan and he turned me in to the honor comittee for plagiarism. man, imma go to the barn and fall into a k-hole
by ilovestephenhall March 29, 2006
To copy something without paying notice to the actual writer.
The biggest example of plagiarism in TV is Family Guy, off of The Simpsons
by giggety April 20, 2006

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