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An inexpensive and faster—but unethical—way to get published, by paying lip service to copyrights and robbing authors of their dues.
Plagiarism is often justified by novice authors and publishers in developing countries, who apparently are unable to contact the copyrights holders directly; or the authors don't reply to their e-mails.
by MathPlus September 05, 2016
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stealing ideas or actual passages from someone else's work and pretending they are your own
When writing an article attacking plagiarism, do not copy from someone else's work.
by yorrick hunt January 23, 2008
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To have sex with a Book, Article, or the Internet, and therefore reproducing its words but with your last name.
Plagiarism involves 5 key Stages:

Stage 1: John is assigned a term paper.

Stage 2: John goes to the Library.

Stage 3: John "Checks Out" a book.

Stage 4: John "Reads Between the Lines".

Stage 5: A few paper cuts later… His paper is written.

To sum it all up…

One night of fun equals a finished paper.
by Pics Or It Didn't Happen! October 25, 2010
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A term used to define ways people can acquire knowledge easily without actually using any of there own knowledge. Methods include copy and pasting information.
In class today Timmy had to write a report on the theory of evolution so he used plagiarism to help.
by Spartanmike December 10, 2013
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----1: a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else
and is presented as being your own work
----2: the act of plagiarizing; taking someone's words or ideas
as if they were your own ----- 11th Floor &&&& 13th Floor === Devil’s Thrown
06/06/06 six six six Devil’s Thrown Hello
trick ruses 07/07/07 HEX Inkubus Sukkubus
11th Floor are Aliens from the 13th planet

by blthrskt November 30, 2009
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it's what most ignorant students especially middle schoolers like to do. it is the act of copying someone else's own hard work from the internet, a book, a novel, an essay, a research paper, etc. and claiming it's your own work. it is academic dishonesty or in other words academic fraud. the consequences to this kind of act if caught are getting a zero or failing grade, getting suspended or worse expulsion. so don't do it because everyone should know it's dishonest and it's not your work. things could be worse if caught, doing this kind of action can cost your chances getting into a good college or university and this can also cost you a job in the future.
brenda: hey victoria!
victoria: hey mom!
brenda: how was school today?
victoria: it was really good i got a a- on my in class essay.
brenda: well good for you! speaking of which, today i was looking at my students essays they submitted and one of my student's essays came up as 76% plagiarized, therefore this student received a zero.
victoria: sucks for them! that's why i always never resort to plagiarism at any time.
brenda: good because if i find out you ever cheat in school i'm going to request your grade to your teacher as a zero.
victoria: well you don't have to worry about that.
by cooldudebb March 16, 2010
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What people who either can't write or are too lazy do whenever a paper is due. Any usage of someone else's writing as one's own is plagiarism, no matter how cleverly disguised (or not) it is.

Perhaps the most common way is to search for or download existing papers, cut and paste, change the wording superficially and scramble it a little, and turn it in as your own. Other common methods are to simply copy other students' work in one's class, changing it superficially, or to download or even buy papers online.

Any way you do it, it's a reprehensible practice that can, and should get you in big trouble. There are known cases where students have been held back a year, or even expelled. Unfortunately, plagiarism still seems to be a growing problem, and students usually get away with it.

(note: this entry written by a student)
Student: Why am I getting an A- for this paper?
Teacher: Because it matches three other students' as well as wikipedia.
Student: No way! I didn't do it!
Student: And you didn't prohibit it in the syllabus!
Teacher: sighs I ought to make you rewrite it, but-
Student: I'll sue you!

by spinningtabletop May 23, 2008
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