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The art of supa-coool. A strong reference to the style of the 1980's, not only in the fashion rhelm but also applicable to the unique life style. 1983 to 1987 are very representing of plab.
Look at the gear he's wearing! That guy is plab!
by Joseppe Gunsmoke August 12, 2003
A plan thought up by a pleb
Guy1 - "Dude, we should stick mentos in coke bottles and then try and drink it!!"

Guy2 - "Wow!! What an amazing plab....."
by RichyRich1987 April 12, 2010
Noun: Someone who is really annoying

Verb: (Plabbin') The act of annoying someone
Grace: "Stop being such a plab."
Kevin: "Yeah, girl. She plabbin!"
by GirlShePlabbin June 25, 2010
The art of being chic, amusing, or fashionable by literally having the cahones or reputation enabling you to get away with doing precisely the opposite.

So unfashionable it is awesome.

Alternate definition: Appreciation or disgust for someone so completely out of tune with societal norms, taste, or taboos. So horribly unfashionable it is like... wow.
(alternate definition) Photos of david hasselhoff with a shirt open too much, showing off his chest hair might be simply disturbing to someone in the states. (Primary definition) Despite his poor taste in Germany he is the shit!
Wearing a tropical shirt and shorts in the middle of winter can be plab.
by Propolis February 01, 2008
dirty smoking bastard
that lady who was so fat she fused to her sofa
ami is such a plab she smoked today and she doesnt even smoke
did u see that plab on tele she was so fat she fused to her sofa
by ellen & wendy May 17, 2007
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