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Man, I really gotta pizzle!!!
by PizzleOnMyNizzle October 19, 2003
It is another way to say piss, which is another way to say pee, which is another way to say urinate. It is commonly used as a verb.
I need to take a pizzle. (used instead of the childish pee, too medical like urinate, or vulgar piss)
by Mike H.T November 06, 2005
Ghetto terminology, inspired by Snoop Dog (spell?), replacing the word "piss".
"Hey my nigga I'll be right back, I gotsta take a pizzle."
"Fo shizzle my nizzle."
by Dave September 23, 2004
a whip made from an animal's penis

(fun bondage)
by Hippy on a Bicycle October 27, 2003
the pink thing that comes out of a dog's dick.
"i see my doggie's pizzle every morning"...said jimmy
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
In more recent times the word Pizzle has become an alternate word for a pistol.

The most common usage for this definition is with players of a game known as Call Of Duty 2 on Microsofts XBox 360 games console. Within the huge number of people playing the game exists a group of 'dedicated gamers' whose idea of a good time is to "whip out their pizzle's" and chase one another round and round a computer generated rendition of second world war France. The pre-virtual definition of the word pizzle is not lost on these people, and the fact they still play these games characterises their sense of humour.
Let's play another pizzle only match!
by WarHammmer April 14, 2006
A blunt that won't stay lit.
"Serge always rolls pizzles! Get Rick do to it this time!"
by Nasty Massey March 28, 2004
slang to say pissers
eminem sais in >till i collapse<
"you pizzles forgot slizzle does not give a fuck"
by ZAToM December 25, 2003