A greasy teenager who never washes their face and/or body and develops bad acne which leads to being teased and unpopularity
"Lee you fag, get out of here you pizza face"
by Tam March 16, 2004
Noun) 1. When you're face is covered in thrown-up or regurgitated pizza.

2. The act of punching your partner as hard as you can in the stomach during sex
in the missionary position to cause them to vomit on your face. Although this
move is recommended not to try unless you have an ample amount of paper towels,
it is said to be extremely arousing.
Eric: So I got pizza face yesterday.
Ronald: Oh wow, you must have been out of moves.

Brianna: It was the hottest thing ever!
Sharon: How the fuck is pizza face hot?
by Sonny the Stuntman January 31, 2009
a guy who has alot of pimples (no offence)
Ha Ha, look at Pizzaface! what a freak!
by Punkmonkey December 10, 2009
a person who has a face with sauce, cheese, and what ever else u like on a pizza
yo look at dat shizz yo grill look like a pizza!
someones face that has a lot of pimples on it
shut up! pizza face.
by jovy August 27, 2003
A person with disgusting acne all over their face. Someone of the opposite sex that makes you hurl chunks just by gazing in their direction.
Nice pizza face dweeb.
by your dads February 01, 2009
Face resembling freddy crueger

Pimps galore!
Oh hey what's up.. oh who's that? oh that's just vinny pizzaface..
by Rob December 18, 2004

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