A "code-word" for a black person.
Jack: Look at that nigger over there!

Bill: Shh, you can't say that nowadays! People judge you.

Jack: Sorry, look at that pizza over there!
by amazing american February 13, 2012
A pizza is a vegetable.
I ate a pizza for a full daily serving of vegetables.
by TripleCharged December 05, 2011
If you dont know what pizza is, can you like, not exist?
How can you not know what PIZZA is?!
by Regy July 29, 2014
Pizza is love

Pizza is life
I want to bathe in Pizza
by gorllian July 15, 2014
Undoubtedly a vegetable, because of the tomato sauce.

Yodawg! Gimmie a piece of yo' Pizza.
by Lolherpderp November 23, 2011
According to the majority of the world, it is junk food. According to the US congress, it is a vegetable. Way to go USA!
Have you heard the news?! Pizza is now legally considered a vegetable! I really need to get working on my German...
by MapoeSims November 20, 2011
Meant to have parties with and then watch non-stop Muppet Treasure Island. The tomatoes in the sauce of the pizza cause cravings for antron fleece and ping pong balls. The yeast causes yearnings for swordplay and the Kermit/Miss Piggy duet in the song "Love Led Us Here". The cheese in the pizza activates catecholamine neurotransmitters to be sent to your dopamine receptors, creating a will to non-stop party.
Dude, pizza party, my place tomorrow night! Muppet Treasure Island nonstop!
by Dr. Smooth, Ph.D June 05, 2011

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