The latest addition to the vegetable family.
The U.S. Congress recently announced pizza as a vegetable due to the amount of TOMATO puree inside, of course we all know tomato is a fruit, Oh how we love America
by Beefmcabington November 25, 2011
(n.) Pizza is a circle. Pizza is life. Pizza is the circle of life.
Today I had pizza. Today, I lived.
by LadyLetholdus October 19, 2015
Interviewer: We got pizza..

Caller: so I want a pizza
Worker: ok cool what kind?
Caller: pepperoni
by Therealrubyplank March 28, 2015
friend: you want some pizza?

What friend really said: do you want to eat some delicious goodness that you will cherish forever
by Gir4ever April 17, 2015
A "code-word" for a black person.
Jack: Look at that nigger over there!

Bill: Shh, you can't say that nowadays! People judge you.

Jack: Sorry, look at that pizza over there!
by amazing american February 13, 2012
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