The greatest thing mankind has invented, ever.
Twitter girl: I love pizza so much!

Real girl: ugh pizza is disgusting
by everything is taken March 12, 2015
better than anything ever (except beyonce nothing is better than beyonce)
guy 1: dude did you try some of that pizza???

guy 2: yeah it tasted better than sex feels

guy 1: i wouldn't know *tips fedora in shame*
by pizza5eva April 18, 2014
The most amazing invention ever that comes in many different flavors. Tasty, delicious, warm. Common with pepperoni.
"OMG I love this food! What is it??"
"That explains it!"
by AwesomeSauce427 June 20, 2013
The most amazing thing handed down to us by the gods themselves, hand-crafted by Jesus while playing 2k, pizza will warm your senses and baptise your biscuit with cheesy delight.

Requires 2k on the side.
"Ooohhhh myyyyyyyy, i got some pizza aaaaand some 2k....."
by Victor Braxton March 24, 2013
Pizza is the best food ever. Dont judge the pizza. To those who hate pizza, pizza is yummy. I love pizza.
pizza saved my life lol jk plus corrina loves pizza
by I enjoy Pizza June 13, 2012
1. ('pittsa) Noun: italian, circa 1800's; refers to famous italian food consisting of dough, cheese, tomatoes as the basics.

2. ('pittsa) Verb: Greek origins = to press (as in pressing the dough to make the circular shape). Italian origins = to toss (as in tossing the dough in the air to make circular shape). Both Greek and Italian origins refer to how the circular shape is created in the process of making the pizza. The english translation often ignores the word root and meaning and usually refers to the pizza in general (regardless if it was pressed or tossed in the process of making the pizza)
1. Noun: I'm hungry. Let's go get a pizza to eat!
2. Verb: Just pizza your trash in the bin on your way out.
by merriamwebsteronline May 14, 2012
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