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A "code-word" for a black person.
Jack: Look at that nigger over there!

Bill: Shh, you can't say that nowadays! People judge you.

Jack: Sorry, look at that pizza over there!
by amazing american February 13, 2012
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The latest addition to the vegetable family.
The U.S. Congress recently announced pizza as a vegetable due to the amount of TOMATO puree inside, of course we all know tomato is a fruit, Oh how we love America
by Beefmcabington November 25, 2011
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a delicious italian food that is commonly seen in a pizzaria
made of bread cheese and tomato or tomato sauce
can have a topping

a type of meat is usually the best
Yo Tom you wanna go get some pizza.
by pizzaizgood April 28, 2011
3 1
The most amazing thing handed down to us by the gods themselves, hand-crafted by Jesus while playing 2k, pizza will warm your senses and baptise your biscuit with cheesy delight.

Requires 2k on the side.
"Ooohhhh myyyyyyyy, i got some pizza aaaaand some 2k....."
by Victor Braxton March 24, 2013
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dough base, tomato sauce, CHEESE!
Yes India McGirr, cheese is essential. Fact.
mmm that is some good cheese on my pizza, I'm so glad cheese is n integral part by definition.
by D124 February 20, 2013
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Pizza is the best food ever. Dont judge the pizza. To those who hate pizza, pizza is yummy. I love pizza.
pizza saved my life lol jk plus corrina loves pizza
by I enjoy Pizza June 13, 2012
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A pizza is a vegetable.
I ate a pizza for a full daily serving of vegetables.
by TripleCharged December 05, 2011
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