A code used in Skype chat when, while using it at work, somebody is going to check your computer. It means that the other person cannot write anything else, else it will show up while your boss - or someone inconvenient - is looking.
Lups: then she called me back

Sabi: wait, I have to show this newsletter to my boss.

by Pink Mamut September 30, 2009
Whatever you want it to be....

(Think in-ur-end-o)
Maddie: Mmm, I love me some meaty pizza.

Polly: I prefer vegetarian.

Jenny: Well, I like personal pizzas.

Meagan: You would.

Jenny: I do.

Maddie: I know, right?

Polly: For sure, right?

Meagan: Fo siz, affirmative?
by BHS Tech July 23, 2008
To take several small items that fit in the palm of your hand and throw them in someones face. Note: you must shout pizz'a loud when you do it.
Eric was looking depressed, so I pizz'a-ed with some five, five, five, and five.
by Dr. P. Hunter July 23, 2008
dough base, tomato sauce, CHEESE!
Yes India McGirr, cheese is essential. Fact.
mmm that is some good cheese on my pizza, I'm so glad cheese is n integral part by definition.
by D124 February 20, 2013
1. ('pittsa) Noun: italian, circa 1800's; refers to famous italian food consisting of dough, cheese, tomatoes as the basics.

2. ('pittsa) Verb: Greek origins = to press (as in pressing the dough to make the circular shape). Italian origins = to toss (as in tossing the dough in the air to make circular shape). Both Greek and Italian origins refer to how the circular shape is created in the process of making the pizza. The english translation often ignores the word root and meaning and usually refers to the pizza in general (regardless if it was pressed or tossed in the process of making the pizza)
1. Noun: I'm hungry. Let's go get a pizza to eat!
2. Verb: Just pizza your trash in the bin on your way out.
by merriamwebsteronline May 14, 2012
The latest addition to the vegetable family.
The U.S. Congress recently announced pizza as a vegetable due to the amount of TOMATO puree inside, of course we all know tomato is a fruit, Oh how we love America
by Beefmcabington November 25, 2011
A vegetable consisting of many other vegetables and bread.
I'm on a diet, so I should just get pizza.
by bitterkiwi November 19, 2011

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