a delicious italian food that is commonly seen in a pizzaria
made of bread cheese and tomato or tomato sauce
can have a topping

a type of meat is usually the best
Yo Tom you wanna go get some pizza.
by pizzaizgood April 28, 2011
Commonly used "code" word for marijuana. Usually used while texting or conversing in front of unwanted persons.
P1: Dude I'm am so hungry, I could really use some pizza right now.

P2: Ya I know, pizza would really hit the spot.
by gr1zzly November 09, 2010
another word you would use for marijuana when speaking with your friends in public
1. Come, have pizza with us at Brooke's house

2. Yo Dude, who's bringing by the pizza?
by BigDaawg December 01, 2009
A code used in Skype chat when, while using it at work, somebody is going to check your computer. It means that the other person cannot write anything else, else it will show up while your boss - or someone inconvenient - is looking.
Lups: then she called me back

Sabi: wait, I have to show this newsletter to my boss.

by Pink Mamut September 30, 2009
Whatever you want it to be....

(Think in-ur-end-o)
Maddie: Mmm, I love me some meaty pizza.

Polly: I prefer vegetarian.

Jenny: Well, I like personal pizzas.

Meagan: You would.

Jenny: I do.

Maddie: I know, right?

Polly: For sure, right?

Meagan: Fo siz, affirmative?
by BHS Tech July 23, 2008
The most delicious food on the planet usually eaten for Netflix marathons
Hey dude get the pizza.Ok I'll sign into netflix
by Pink fluffy unicorns July 12, 2015
an italian food what you are craving right now.
oo i love pizza! get me some now! i am so ariana grande! fetichini!
by Catpolish March 15, 2015
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