A dish best served cold.

And in the morning.
The 3 essential food groups are :
Cold pizza, raman noodles, and cereal
by addyAddict May 13, 2009
Just a little slice of heaven.
Today I became closer to god.

Oh, who orded the pizza?
by NinjaPrincess March 09, 2012
A vegetable in American public schools
Monday: carrots
Tuesday: cabbage
Wednesday: pizza
Thursday: broccoli
Friday: corn
by Cherry DickInSin February 13, 2012
apparently a vegetable
How the fuck does pizza count as a vegetable
by mvddfg December 08, 2011
Commonly used "code" word for marijuana. Usually used while texting or conversing in front of unwanted persons.
P1: Dude I'm am so hungry, I could really use some pizza right now.

P2: Ya I know, pizza would really hit the spot.
by gr1zzly November 09, 2010
best meal in the world. Vegetarians will snap out of their near-deadly ways to get 1 slice of the meal Italy invented
G1: Dude, i just had this pizza slice, wanna try?
G2: No way man, i'm a vegetarian
G1: That's false man, try it! it's good!
G2: no, i'd rather eat tofu
G1: that last serving of tofu you ate was nothing but pizza! goes with everything!
by your best idiot March 16, 2010
another word you would use for marijuana when speaking with your friends in public
1. Come, have pizza with us at Brooke's house

2. Yo Dude, who's bringing by the pizza?
by BigDaawg December 01, 2009

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