code between smokers around non-smokers for bud (marijuana, cannabis, pot, herb).
Hey we gonna pick up some pizza later
Lets go get some pizza
by Innovative smoker August 04, 2009
To take several small items that fit in the palm of your hand and throw them in someones face. Note: you must shout pizz'a loud when you do it.
Eric was looking depressed, so I pizz'a-ed with some five, five, five, and five.
by Dr. P. Hunter July 23, 2008
A dish best served cold.

And in the morning.
The 3 essential food groups are :
Cold pizza, raman noodles, and cereal
by addyAddict May 13, 2009
dough base, tomato sauce, CHEESE!
Yes India McGirr, cheese is essential. Fact.
mmm that is some good cheese on my pizza, I'm so glad cheese is n integral part by definition.
by D124 February 20, 2013
A vegetable in American public schools
Monday: carrots
Tuesday: cabbage
Wednesday: pizza
Thursday: broccoli
Friday: corn
by Cherry DickInSin February 13, 2012
A vegetable consisting of many other vegetables and bread.
I'm on a diet, so I should just get pizza.
by bitterkiwi November 19, 2011
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